Our Mission Statement

Liahona Capital Inc. is dedicated to providing sound investment opportunities to our clients through our professional team of management and staff. Our number one priority is the preservation and protection of our clients’ wealth.

About Liahona Capital Inc.

Liahona Capital Inc. (LCI) was incorporated under the business corporations act of the province of Ontario in November 2013.

LCI is registered with the Ontario Securities Commission as an exempt market dealer (EMD), Registration Number 47620.

LCI is managed by principals Aaron Rumley and Robert Chaggares, and their staff, who have extensive experience in accounting, governance, financial services, mortgage underwriting, banking and administration.

LCI distributes shares of the Liahona Mortgage Investment Corp. (LMIC) as well as numerous third party products. To review a list of third party products refer to our Products page. We also provide compliance services for several other exempt market products.

Liahona Group of Companies

  • Liahona Capital Inc.
  • Liahona Administration Inc.
  • Liahona Mortgage Investment Corp.

Liahona Capital Inc. is the OSC registered EMD referenced above that is authorized to distribute shares of exempt market products in Ontario.

Liahona Administration Inc. provides the staff and administrative services to ensure a smooth operation of our group of companies.

Liahona Mortgage Investment Corp. (LMIC) was incorporate in 2006 to provide an investment vehicle for the three principals of Liahona Capital Inc., their friends, family and close business associates. Since inception, LMIC has increased their portfolio to $30 million.

What is an Exempt Market Dealer?

Companies who trade in “Prospectus Exempt” securities are called Exempt Market Dealers. The Exempt Securities Market offers alternative products not available on the stock exchange or through Mutual Funds.

Exempt Market Securities fall under National Instrument 45-106. They are exempt from prospectus requirements and require less disclosure than a prospectus offering. Investors purchasing Exempt Market Products must qualify under specific exemptions which include, accredited investors and family, friends and close business associates.


Why Choose Liahona Capital Inc.?


Liahona’s management and staff includes professional accountants and mortgage underwriters with a wealth of experience in compliance, accounting and the financial management sector, committed to the highest standard of service.

Each of our Dealing Representatives has passed courses through the Investment Funds Institute of Canada and have met the education requirements to be registered with the Ontario Securities Commission. They conduct themselves under a strict code of conduct to ensure fair and transparent services.


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