The investment strategy of the partnership is to acquire and develop a strong and synergistic portfolio of ownership investments in industrial service companies located in Canada and the United States that have

(i) technical service revenue of a recurring nature that assures Code Compliance, (ii) strong and reliable historic net revenues, (iii) experienced and committed management and senior technical talent, (iv) growing addressable markets, and (v) customer lists that can be cross-marketed to other Portfolio Companies.

CODE COMPLIANT: Means any Federal, Provincial, Regional or City, Health and Safety, Fire, Environmental, Transportation, Measurements, or Building code whereby a device or system is mandated to be inspected monthly, quarterly, or annually. This creates the recurring revenue in which Newlook feels mitigates risks and creates a long-term annuity type of business for unitholders.

The target preferred return is 8% per annum plus upside potential.

Download:Fund Fact Sheet

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